Thursday, March 12, 2009


Life is sure getting in the way of blogging. I even had special requests to update this.

What's the update? Not much knitting but a whole lot of partying.

*We celebrated our daughter's ninth birthday a few weeks ago and tomorrow we celebrate our son's fourth birthday.
*My husband and I enjoyed a short stay on the North Shore at our favorite resort, Larsmont. We went snowshoeing on what we thought was a 3 mile loop and ended up being 5+ miles. I'm glad I survived to tell you about it.
*We attended the Mpls Home Show and heard Shane Tallant speak. He is quite funny and had some great stories. My daughter and I got his autograph afterwards and if I can figure out how to get a picture off my phone camera I will share with you. She's excited 'cause she's sitting in his lap. Lucky girl.
*Attended a Variety Show at my daughter's school. She was the accompanist and her friend sang. Very sweet.
*I won second place in a contest for a bathroom makeover. All the tile we need for our project was the prize.
* I've been sewing sweater mittens. (I'll post pictures later)
* I'm knitting some Fetching for a friend

See, I have excuses. What are yours?

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