Saturday, July 25, 2009


It's been a while since I've taken a knitting class but when this showed up in my inbox I couldn't resist! Marrying my favorite hobbies: photography and knitting!! I find it really difficult to take great pictures of knitted items and have them so you want to reach out and touch or squeeze the image or try it on for size plus I wanted to meet this photographer who had this dream job of photographing fiber farms, people and yarn.


I drove to The Yarnery on Grand Avenue in St. Paul and met Gale Zucker whose photography is so spectacular and really touches your inner spirit. We saw a slideshow of her beautiful work while she was photographing the pictures in her book Shear Spirit and also in the Mason Dixon: Knitting Outside the Lines book. Plus we went outside and practiced on a few knitted items.

Knit Chicken

Knit chicken

This is my unfinished Knit Chicken by Susan B. Anderson. She needs eyes, a beak and a tail. I didn't get it stuffed properly because I was working till the last minute at the Yarnery and didn't have any stuffing with me. I have to figure out if I can shove some in somehow :)

My brain is overloaded; Gale was a great teacher and had so much information to share. It was a great class and a perfect way to spend an evening. I would love to shadow someone like Gale. Too bad she lives on the East Coast.

Shear Spirit Book

Shear Spirit Book

One of the best things she taught me is the use of Flickr to edit photos using Picnik and post into Blogger. OMGosh! It makes it so much easier when editing for blogs or web. I had heard of Picnik but had never tried it. It's awesome! I messed around with these photos in this posting. Need to get the vignette down better but this saves so much time and you can do so much with it, even for free!

If you take a class at the Yarnery, you get a discount coupon towards a purchase. I swooped up this (hee hee) Aren't they cute?

Woolly Owls

PS. This puppy LOVES my yarn. She wouldn't let go for anything.
Lucy with yummy yarn