Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cooper's Flock :: Would you like to help?

I learned of this heart breaking story here. I wanted to show my support so I requested the pattern from Lucinda. A few days later Susan had a drawing for some Blue Sky Cotton yarn and she selected my name to receive a skein. My little birdy is done and he's quite sweet. I just need to package him up and send him on his way which may eventually end up in a hospital pediatric intensive care unit bringing comfort to families who are overwhelmed. Lucinda is trying to get 100 birds knit up by May. I hope she receives more than that!

Would you like to help? I have plenty of the Blue Sky Cotton left over and I would love to pass it along to you if you would like to knit a bird. Go to Lucinda's site and request the pattern. She'll email it to you as well as the address of where to send the bird. If I have more than one taker, I'll have a drawing. Let me know by emailing me by the middle of next week. You can find my address over there to the right of the blog. I would love to "pay it forward".



Kate said...

I was also one of Susan's lucky winners (well, one of Lucinda's, really, as I ended up getting some of her Blue Sky stash). I'm so glad to see this project is really getting out there in the knitting world - I am casting on for my first birdy today and am hoping to get at least two of them out of the yarn Lucinda sent me.

Your birdy is too cute, btw.

Pink Sky said...

I would love to knit one of the little birdies for the flock in memory of the baby I would have had this early April. I'll send an e-mail in a moment.

Stitching Pink said...

Thanks for posting about this project. I have my own stash to work from and it seams that Pink Sky would find comfort in knitting a bird for the flock.

Susan said...

good job! the bird is beautiful and so is your son.