Monday, October 14, 2013

Creativity sets me free

(Achoo!) I'm blowing the dust off this blog. Tidying up.
Awakening the creative seed in me. It's what I need to do.
A little soul searching...
Not all who wander are lost.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Rear

I would love a new rear for the new year. Always a resolution of mine.
The problem is that when I'm running, the ice always falls out of my glass.

Here's to ringing in the New Year.

Bottoms up to you!
Bottoms Up

(because I haven't been around much here's the owl costumes I made for my kiddos. to say it was challenging is an understatement. i'm making them be owls for the next decade)

Two Hoots

Two little hoots

Happy Lil Hoot

Halloween 2010

(Simplicity pattern)

Thursday, December 30, 2010

This Year's Favorite Christmas Decoration

I've been receiving bits and pieces of my Grandma's belongings over the past year. Lots of it bringing back heartfelt memories. A few weeks ago I opened a box labeled "Merry Christmas banner" from her and it made me giddy. I'm not sure who made it as she stored it in a gift box. It may have been a present to her but it certainly could have been something she made but I don't remember seeing it at the farmhouse. Anyways, I LOVE this and we hung it up in the kids playroom where we have the Christmas tree this year. It makes me smile everytime I see it. Handmade, vintagie goodness!



Favorite Christmas Decoration

Friday, September 03, 2010

The end of my thirties

A milestone today...40!
I don't think I mind it... yet.
I do feel that now I can be officially called a "librarian"
Before I had a hard time with that term. It sounded so old :O
I am a media specialist. But no one ever knows what that means.
No, my name isn't Betty and I don't have a bun in the back.
I don't wear reading glasses (yet) but you might catch me wearing
a knitted shawl or cardigan and you can call me librarian or liberrian as the little ones say.

A flashback 34 years ago. Off to kindergarten. Love the matching top and pants slacks and the Buster Brown shoes (probaby purchased at Kinney's)
1976 Off to Kindergarten

Happy new school year!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Louie on the catwalk


This is our new dog, Louie. He is a Cavipoo. A real sweet puppy with the kids and shares the same birthday as my daughter. That was our sign that it was meant to be. A different kind of dog to get used to since Golden Retrievers have always been our dog of choice. Unfortunately Lucy didn't work out for us. She was re-homed with a family that had older children. As hard as it was to see her go it was the right decision for all of us. She has been with this new family since January. By May we were getting the itch for another pet and found Louie.

My daughter knit Louie a sweater. It turned out a bit on the smaller side. Fit him like a corset or maybe a Slendertone. We had some good laughs with it on him. Here he is strutting his stuff. I think he was enjoying his showstopping experience or rather was running to me to get it off of him.

Louies new coat

As I was saying in the post prior to this I have been cross stitching quite a bit. I'm even working on a few of my own patterns. But I still managed to pick up my knitting needles throughout our summer. July was the month for knitting. Our family took a camping trip to the Black Hills and to make the car ride bearable I started a sweater.

Knitting to save my sanity

Really, something for me and something to wear! The Candy Stripe sweater by Spud & Chloe is going really slow but by spring I should be able to wear it :)

Candy Stripe sweater

Sweater on the needles

Tomorrow is back to working mode. We had a great summer together and I'm sad to see it end. I also have one entering kindergarten (boo hoo) but he's excited which puts me a little at ease.



Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cross My Heart and Stitches

I'm in love.
With a new hobby.
Like I needed another!
My absence is due to WAY TOO MANY passions.
But I can't let go of any so I carry on.
I discovered Wee Wonderful's cross stitch patterns.
Simple and sweet and love that they are stitched on linen.

Hillary Langs design WOOL

I'm giving the apples to someone special for her birthday. It's still a secret, I hope.
And then I'll make myself another one because all four framed will make my heart happy when I see them hanging on my wall.

Hillary Langs cross stich APPLES

I gratefully inherited my grandmother's supplies after she passed away. An organized woman she was. I should really see what few colors she didn't have in the three 3-ring binders I now possess.

DMC floss

Grandma's floss organizer

She used to cross stitch and has made me a few samplers. This one has the Lords Prayer on it. As you can see from the photo, I really need to get this framed. I have had this for ten years, unframed. Not feeling so good about this. Maybe I appreciate it so much more now.

Grandmas gift, The Lord's Prayer

I was pleased to see that Grandma added her initials and dated it. This is the only way I knew that it was ten years old.

ACD '00

I went digging this afternoon looking for a cross stitch project I had worked on when I was young. I must have thrown it out. Darn. I kept it for so long. Do you ever ask yourself "what was I thinking?" When I began cross stitching in my teens, I was in my phase of "I love anything with ballet shoes on it" No I didn't ever dance but would have loved to but no ballet body to be had here and then. The cross stitch project I was working on had little ballet bears in pink tutus. I wasn't too far from being finished but it ended up as many of my projects do...UFO's.

I do have a few projects on the knitting needles but for now I have put them down and will be crossing my heart, I mean stitches.