Monday, March 23, 2009

Meet Lucy Lu B-Dawg

We managed to pull off a big surprise for our kids on Saturday. Since Nala's passing the kids have been asking when they can have another dog. It took my husband and I quite some time before we were ready to think about another pet but now we feel the time is right. We told our parents to keep an eye out for a litter of Golden Retrievers and it only took a phone call from my father in law to find a family (the Gieske's) who had pups that would be ready around Easter. On Saturday we took a drive in the country and told the kids that we were going to try to find a farm that had some spring baby animals we could see. After a couple hours of driving we were a mile away from the family with the puppies. We told the kids that we were going to just pull into one of these (thousands) of farms we passed to see if they had baby animals. As we pulled into the Gieske's my daughter became quite alarmed that we were going to show up without an invitation. Her comments were "Daaaad, we can't go here. We weren't invited." Ignoring her plea to leave we drove up the driveway, parked the car, hopped out gave the owners a big wink and asked if they had any baby animals we could look at. They gave us a tour of the barn and farm and even had baby calves which we didn't know about. How perfect of a plan it was!

Kitties in the barn seeking shelter

Baby Calves sucking fingers

A fun ride around the farm with a new friend

Peeking in

This is 2 year old Hunter being friendly

At the end of our tour we were told there was a big surprise in the basement. Even after showing our kids the puppies they still didn't know they were there to pick one out. They were having fun playing with the five puppies and then I told my daughter to select one because we get to bring one home in two weeks when they are ready to leave their momma.
I wish I could have captured the look on her face. Later as she was holding a puppy she asked "Am I dreaming?"

As for the name, well they couldn't decide on a girl name so it became "Lucy Lu B-Dawg" If you've ever watched Air Buddies one of the pups name is B-Dawg.

I think we'll call her Lucy, for short.

If you need a puppy fix watch this video of the big surprise:


sue said...

The video was so cute. Your daughter's face said it all when she got told to pick one out. How gorgeous will Lucy be. My SIL has 2 golden retrievers and they are actually like her kids since she doesnt want children. They are so good too, walking without the lead and listen to everything. I have to say that your kids are so cute too, and I bet the countdown for the 2 weeks is on at your house.

Anonymous said...

AWWWWW! How stinkin' cute!!! That's the kind of dog we want, but just don't have the room necessary for one :-(


PlumStitches said...

ah, so sweet! what is it about puppies that just make you melt. i love the baby calves too, they're brown swiss, right? congratulations on the new addition!

Orinda5 said...

That is just too cute!
Such a sweet looking puppy. Congratulations!

Denise said...

oh my gosh, that was just precious to watch - I was nearly crying! :-)

Hope you post lots of pics when Lucy-Lu comes home. My daughter has Snow Buddies and Space Buddies movies... did you know they are coming out with a new movie at Christmas (Nov 09 actually) 'Santa Buddies' - we can't wait to see that one.

Annie said...

Sue, The countdown was on as soon as we got back in the car for the drive home!
Beth,I don't know my cows but I guess they are Jerseys. :P
Denise, We'll be watching for Santa Buddies. Fun stuff.

Hilary said...

That is SO sweet. Your kids will remember this forever! :-)

Best of luck with the newest family member.


Heather Melzer said...

That was SO adorable, Annie! Your kids are precious :)

Kate said...

How sweet! Puppies really are just too adorable. Your kids must be over the moon.

Anonymous said...

Oh my cute is
Lucy-Lu B-Dawg! The video is "priceless" :)

sheepish one said...

that's adorable!!
your kids -- especially your daughter -- will forever remember that day.
i love that lucy was playfully attacked by littermates once she returned to the pen... kinda like "oh, sister! they picked you! you are such a stinker!!" i love it more that she kicked the other pup off and didn't take it a bit!! ;)