Monday, March 16, 2009

Mittens and other stuff

I'm having some fun with the felted sweaters I've collected. These mittens are so warm and soft. They are lined with fleece to make them super soft inside. I know Betz White has a pattern in her Warm Fuzzies book but this was a pattern (very similar) from a friend who has caught the sweater-thrifting-felting-sewing bug. The first pair I made for myself. The second pair was a gift for a friend who generously loaned her sewing machine to me and I finally returned it to her because I bought one a couple months ago. Yipee! The third pair is a gift to have on hand. (no pun intended, ha!)

...and I made a couple 'custom order' photo albums.

So in the previous post I mentioned that we attended the Home and Garden Show and saw Shane Tallant. Here's what he autographed to my daughter. So true!!!

Finally, the birthday parties have come to an end and now we're left picking up the peanut shells, cardboard boxes, crumpled wrapping paper and empty cans. It was fun for all and many memories made.

Take care,


sue said...

Those mittens look fantastic. I love the little photo albums too.

PlumStitches said...

those mittens are great! and the birthday parties looked like lots of fun

Renee said...

Great mitts!
Looks like lots of birthday fun was had by all.
So, did Ella clean up her room? lol

Susan said...

My you've been busy. 9 and 4 are just about the best ages to be, ever.

Love those mitts, I bet they are super warm, too.

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Great mitts! Thanks for the book suggestion and I will definitely email when we need some more suggestions :)