Monday, September 22, 2008

Have you had your Honeycrisp today?

This past weekend we went to our favorite apple orchard in White Bear Lake. The weather was beautiful but it did seem a little strange wearing shorts. The kids had their pony rides, tractor rides, photo opps as well as their share of treats. Apple cinnamon donuts (served thumbs up style), carmel apples and a bag of Harrelson's is what I left with in my shopping bag.

Have you tried a Honeycrisp apple yet? They weren't ready at the orchard but a couple of grocery stores around us are now carrying them. It's my favorite eating apple. They are crisp, juicy and sweet-tart tasting. I guess they come at a premium price though. My MIL said last night that at the orchard they visited near Sioux Falls a bag of Honeycrisp was selling for $30!! Did they receive special sunshine or rain or something??

I paid $2.99 for a pound at my grocery which kind of hurt so I knit a special jacket to protect this piece of work. No, actually I am making these for my little guy's preschool teachers. It's Apple Day next week so they are each going to get one. The pattern is from here.

On another note I have received a couple of awards from some very sweet people that I haven't acknowledged here and I want to make sure that you know they are really appreciated. Life has just been a little overwhelming recently. So thank you, they made me smile and brightened my day.

From: Denise at The Knitting Den

And I'll get to that meme, Andrea :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A List of Firsts

What I've been up to lately......

:: First family camping trip sporting a tent ::

:: First day of school ::

:: First time playing soccer (go #6!) ::

:: First year of piano ::

:: First day of preschool ::

:: First wedding photoshoot ::

:: First time training for a 10 mile race ::