Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Knit Tip

Quite often I come across some helpful knitting sites that have some great tips, tricks and tutorials. I hesitate to share what I've found because I think "oh, everyone has probably seen that" or "they already know how to do that" but then when I want to refer back to them I forget where to look. So look no further. I, too, can use this blog as another reference point and maybe you'll learn something too. Here is a tip that I would like to share with you all (and myself as well.)

Technique: Increasing and Decreasing

Do you know what KRL and KLL mean? This video on KnitWhits site clearly explains how an increase is done that is almost invisible.

If it doesn't play here, you can link to it here.
Now you know what I know.



sue said...

The tutorial was great. I had done the kfb before but not the krl before. How interesting and I will have to use that one on some of my knitting I think.

Renee said...

I love video tutorials, thanks for the links. :)

PlumStitches said...

I love the new header!

Kate said...

Thanks for sharing - it's also nice to see a tutorial from a knitter who "throws" like I do!

Annie said...

Me too Kate.