Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Weekend Projects

A while back I purchased a Cup O Joe pincushion kit from Betz White and finally assembled it this past weekend. You don't have to use a sewing machine to assemble it but I wanted to use one (because I want one so badly) and don't own one yet so I used my mother-in-law's trusty Singer from the '60's?? She's an awesome seamstress and still sews and I can't believe she hasn't treated herself to a new one yet. But it does what she needs it to so I'm sure she doesn't think she needs to upgrade. I'm not sure what machine to get and I know eventually I'll be quilting again so keeping that in mind do any of you have a favorite? I had an entry level Husqvarna but sold it a few years ago. It had one of those upright bobbins and I never could get the tension right so I know I want a drop in bobbin for sure. The purse strings are a little tight right now so I need to find one under $400 which I think is doable and I'll even consider used. I probably don't need another hobby but there are so many cool projects I've seen that require one like this and this and this and this. The hunting begins... Here's how my pincushion turned out. Makes me want to take a sip.

Another project I closed the book on was the felted eggs. I didn't embellish them because they turned out more like dinosaur eggs rather than cute little chicken eggs. But I know now next time to knit only the small pattern. My little guy is having fun with them; of course, pretending they are rockets and flying them all over the room. I'll have to sew them shut and let him play. Note to self: for next year pick 5-6 colors all at once, in same brand of yarn and knit small pattern:)


Heather Melzer said...

That teacup is to die for, Annie! You are so good!

Denise said...

I have a sewing machine but can't sew stuff very well, unless it's just a straight edge. I do like this Amy Butler fabric I keep seeing, but I know my stuff wouldn't turn out that nice, so I won't even bother buying the patterns/fabric!
I think your eggs look lovely.

pretty*in*pink*designs said...

Hi Annie! Thanks for posting a comment on my blog and for the link too! Knitting bags, huh? My next week is crammed full but after that perhaps I'll see what I can come up with! Super cute blog you have~ and your hats are scrumptious!

pretty*in*pink*designs said...

Hi Annie, That pincushion is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen! Do you sell them anywhere?

Annie's mom-in-law said...

So you think that I need a new machine??? Just because the burned out light bulb is rusted in the socket and I can't get it out to replace it, and the head is bent from dropping it and the knee lever is a real challenge to use as it sometimes sticks, you think that I should get rid of my 1965 Singer machine???? It's only 43 years young and still going. Yikes, maybe I should consider replacing it.
Love your blog and, of course, you, too!!!
Did you say that you wanted a sewing machine???? Have I got a deal for you!!!