Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy Birthday, Big Boy

Tomorrow my little guy turns three (or twee as he would say). He's always had a unique (and cute) way of communicating with us and of course mom, dad, and sister are probably the only ones who understand most of what he is trying to say. Little by little he's making progress as he attends his weekly speech therapy sessions. If you ask him his name he says "big boy" and when he counts, every number is "two" so we've been working on "three" so he can tell people how old he is.
Here's a little video clip I took of my daughter and "big boy". I've wanted to capture what he has been asking for for his birthday for quite some time.

This is the translation:

He says: pat pat lwua why
When in fact he is trying to say: pat pat red fly
Which translates to: I want Little Einstein's Pat, Pat Rocket

(Please excuse the runny nose (which is almost a constant all winter long), the dinner stained shirt and the nose picking - eeww how do you get kids to stop that?? And for some reason he thinks I'm much farther away and feels the need to be heard. Oh, and he also interrupts his big sister when she is introducing herself to introduce himself as big boy)

Happy birthday, Big Boy! Love, Big Momma

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Denise said...

SO cute, my 7 yr old daughter is sitting here watching too, and she's laughing at 'big boys eat cookies' :)- she says 'yeah me too!'
Happy Birthday Big Boy, you're adorable. And lucky you have a beautiful big sister.