Monday, June 30, 2008

Summer's in full swing

We've been busy busy but it's all good.

1. Last week we had an awesome time at Vacation Bible School. The theme was Cosmic City. I photographed all the kids in a rocket ship.

2. I took a crochet class. Love it but still love knitting most.
3. The baby bird eggs hatched and survived and as of today, they have all left the nest.
4. Potty training well under way and going better than expected.
5. Training for the Twin Cities 10 mile run in October.
6. Lots of perennials blooming in our gardens.
7. Made strawberry jam last week. Yummy!
8. Our garden has been robbed. Suspect: Peter Rabbit!
9. Had fun blowing bubbles using this super-foam-erator over at Betz White's blog

10. and of course knitting stuff, more to follow...


Susan said...

We are making foam-erators today! Sounds like a good summer so far and good news on the potty training:)

Anonymous said...

Those baby birds are so cute! I think I will try to make the bubble makers...we'll see how it goes as you know how "crafty" I am! Thanks again for the jam...LOVE IT!!