Monday, June 09, 2008

Garden Life

Back in April we had the idea of starting a vegetable garden. Unfortunately, our spring was not as cooperative and the seedlings we started indoors failed miserably. But alas! there's hope. Sprouts have been spotted!

We planted:







Zinneas and

Sweet Basil


Denise said...

Yay for the seedlings :) I hope they grow well for you outdoors.
We have tomatoes growing and finally got one big red ripe one on there, only to go out and see that birds or something else had eaten a hole in it!!!

Beth said...

FINALLY! Someone whose garden looks like mine :-)

Heather Melzer said...

Tom and I were just talking about digging a garden 15 minutes ago. I'm so jealous of your sprouts :)

Annie said...

Is that a good thing or bad, Beth? hee hee

Annie said...

Heather, go plant that's not too late. It's such a fun, educational experience for the kids. They'll love it and maybe they'll eat some veggies if they grow them. (That's what I'm hoping :)