Sunday, June 08, 2008

Hugs to all

Thank you everyone for the kind thoughts and words about our loss. It was a comfort to us all. Today marked one week since Nala's been gone and I received a sign this morning that she is happy in heaven. I went for a jog in the morning and on my normal route I crossed paths with two Golden Retrievers and they happened to be the only dogs I saw on my run. One was patiently waiting outside for its owner who was in a store. I stopped and pet her/him and set off on my way choking back the tears. Then I reached the park and coming up a hill was this beautiful, tail wagging Golden named Bachi. I asked to pet her and the owner obliged. As I shared my story with the owner I couldn't help the tears but Bachi let me hug her and it felt soooo good. My husband and I aren't ready to have another pet but I'm sure once the kids start asking we'll give it another thought.

(The picture is a gift we received from my sister and family of a Willow Tree angel. It is the Angel of Friendship. I love, love, LOVE this gift and the card in the background was from our neighbor who is this dear 84 year old adopted grandpa.)


Anonymous said...

You have such a beautiful way of putting your thoughts into words. I love to read your blog! I'm sure Nala is smiling down on you!!


sue said...

Oh how sweet those gifts are. My SIL has 2 golden retrievers which she treats as her sons as she said she isnt having any children. She and her husband take them everywhere with them. How sweet too that you have an adopted grandpa. Wish I could find me some of those too as they make great company. I am sure that your puppy misses you all too but knows that one day you will all be together again.

Knitterella said...

I bet those Golden's you saw were all ways of Nala coming through to see you. All signs of her coming to say 'hi'

Hang in there… it sure is hard to loose a pet.