Monday, April 14, 2008

Little Seedlings

Just in time fall. Oh well, I'll have something to look forward to and use right away. This pattern is the Fetching fingerless gloves on Knitty. I think I'm going to like having these especially in my very cold work place! I changed the pattern a bit after reading some comments on Ravelry. I did a regular bind off and on the right glove I tried a different kind of thumb gusset to see if it was better. Unfortunately that change made me running to the yarn store for another skein. I was hoping to do it with one.

Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran

Needle: #6 dpn

Actually I'm very glad I won't be needing these gloves (now just watch, I'll have jinxed myself) because it was looking a bit like spring today. That put us in the mood for planning a garden. My daughter was home from school today with lovely strep throat which I also contracted so the three of us hung out together and did some planting. This is what it looked liked:

1. Pick out seed packets of things we might eat.
2. Scoop up dirt and place seeds in cup.

3. Poke seeds down according the depth required on packet.
4. Water.
5. Wait patiently.

I really hope something grows just because they worked so hard and are so excited. We've never had a garden before only perennials so this will be a fun adventure. Last spring we tried sunflowers only to see the sprouts go to the birds!!


Knitterella said...

Love your Fetching! (I made a dozen pair for Christmas 07 and they were a hit!)

Your seed planting looked like fun!

Denise said...

Love your Fetching mitts, hope you don't have to wear them til Fall though ;-) We've been trying to grow things here too, but not having much luck :( I don't think I have a very green thumb!

Anonymous said...

Love the booties from your last post!

Aren't they the Merry Janes?

I went to the Etsy shop-but didn't see the pattern for sale. Do you know if BekahKnits still offers it?


Annie said...

Hi Rene',

Bekah still offers the pattern just shoot her an email and I think she'll repost it.