Thursday, January 29, 2009


Meet Mr. and Mrs. Bear. These two chums brought lots of smiles to our home. I used Jelly Bum's bear pattern but changed it a little bit. I found some strong magnets and glued them to the inside of the embroidered nose so they can nuzzle noses. I put them in my Etsy store as a made-to-order. I still have lots of yarn leftover and wonder how far it will go.

Speaking of how far things will go, another sweetheart, my daughter, has an obsession with wheelchairs. Yes, you read correctly, wheelchairs. She has asked Santa for the last two years to bring one. He did not. One year he did bring her crutches (which weren't needed by the way) but they were on her list. She wanted them so badly. But a wheelchair? I usually have to steer her away from those Little Rascal carts in the stores. "No, Ella, you cannot sit in that chair!" Well, this last Monday and Tuesday she didn't have school and I found her in her room drawing this picture on her easel.

Nine different designs! Do you think she may be destined for a health related career? or rather some type of engineer? This child cracks me up. This is definitely one of those memories I need to document. That's why you are reading about it here.
You should see her notebook from today. She was home recovering from a case of the stomach bug. Her entire day was spent planning, drawing, and coloring her dream room while watching HGTV. I bet she's spent nine hours on this room. I'll share later. I have to sneak the notebook and snap some pictures of it. I guess it's fun dreaming.

May your dreams be sweet tonight!


sue said...

Oh they are just so cute and how adorable they get to nuzzle together. What a clever little idea. Perhaps your daughter will invent some new wonderful wheelchair one day.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you daughter may be a Physical Therapist (great career--I am one & love it!) or, perhaps a prosthetist!


PlumStitches said...

those little bears are adorable! i love that your daughter was watching HGTV

Knitterella said...

LOVE your adorable love bears! The magnet is a great touch!

Wheelchairs? That is so funny that she even wanted one for Christmas. Odd, but funny :) Her poster is really good. love the various and colors. So creative! I think she will have a great future in health or some kind of design!

At Home Mommy Knits said...

That is hysterical! Too cute. I think it is definitely a sign that she will follow your footsteps down the path of creativity.

The mice are adorable too.

Stitching Pink said...

I love this obsession with wheelchairs! My father-in-law is in a wheel chair and Lucy loves to ride around with him. To her they're just a normal part of life. That poster is fabulous!!

pretty*in*pink*designs said...

The whole wheelchair thing is just too precious! Thanks for sharing it on your blog and making me smile. Gotta love those kiddos! I'd personally like a bubblegum pink one with white polka dots if she ever starts a custom design biz!