Sunday, January 11, 2009

Oh Pickles!

I had to. This was a gift for my coworker/friend who collects them.
I have to say that it was an interesting knit, the comments I received that is.
As I knitted this in the company of my relatives questions were asked. Quite funny.
"What is that going to be?"
"It looks like a cover for something"

The other entertaining part of knitting this was the "pickle" quotes that surfaced.

Do you know these?
"Oh pickles" (Higgly Town Heros)
"We might be in a little bit of a pickle, Dick" (Fun with Dick and Jane)
"Now that's the best tastin' pickle I've ever hoid" (Vlasic pickles)
"Pickle in the middle" (did you play this game?)
"I'm in a pickle" and "It's dillicious"

Here's the knitty gritty:
I used this pattern found here
Modifications were made. I used 10.5 needles and worsted weight yarn so I could felt it; I added an ornament cap by knitting a rib pattern, seamed it together, felted and sewed it in place. I also needle felted Felting Flash to the cap to make it shimmer (although the photo didn't capture the sparkle). I added a jump ring to the cap so it can be hung on the tree. Before felting the pickle I added french knots for the bumps. Its about 5.5 inches tall.

Maybe you crave them like I do. Whether you like them sweet or sour, sliced or whole, go knit one today because who doesn't love a pickle? Especially a dill dipped in sour cream....yum! (that was a pregnancy thing but I still on occasion do that).


sue said...

I could just imagine all the pickle questions you would have had. My mum loves pickles too but I am sure she would wonder what I was giving her if I made her one.

sheepish one said...

oh my goodness.
it is truly adorable!

Paper Girl Productions said...

This is a pretty darn good lookin pickle!

Knitterella said...

Pretty darn cute! (I still can't believe you even found a 'Pickle Pattern'!)

Nean the Bean said...

I LOVE your pickle!!! Great job! Thanks for posting it!

Stitching Pink said...

That pickle is so sweet! We always hide a pickle ornament on our tree - I will have to make one of these for 2009!