Tuesday, December 09, 2008

In Honor of my Grandmother

I’m not sure where my desire to create with my hands came from but I have a hunch that my grandma had a big influence on me. My grandmother, who is 88 years old and still married to my grandpa who is 91 years old living on a farm in central Minnesota, is an artist at heart. When I was a young girl I would spend part of my summer vacation at my grandparent’s home and Grandma would always have some type of crafty project for me among other things to keep me entertained. I loved spending every minute there and have many memories I can draw upon when I need to reconnect with things that matter most in life. She was skilled at gardening, baking, crafting and had great intentions of opening a store to sell her handiwork. In fact, the store was going to be right there on the farm. Grandpa had even converted part of the garage into her shop. But unfortunately an accident prevented her from fulfilling her dream when she fell and broke her hip.
In 1991, she published a memoir titled “My Yesterday’s” and gave a copy to her children and grandchildren. I really need to reread it because she writes so eloquently. (I wish I would have inherited that trait) Towards the back of the book Grandma put together a list from A to Z about memorable things in her life and I read this:

C :: Crafts
My first try at doing craft work was to work with ceramics. I enjoyed doing ceramics but it eventually became too costly so I discontinued. I took lessons in rosemaling, a Swedish form of folk art, and painted the immigrant trunk which was in the attic of our house. I then had lessons in painting with acrylics. Other crafts I enjoy are counted cross-stitch, wood working, making dolls and sewing of any kind. I have also made quilts for each one in the family.

Children, grandchildren and great grandchildren have received her quilts. This is the quilt I received from her when I was little. She uniquely made it mine. I remember the time when she asked me to sign my name and then proceeded to outline my hands. She included that in the quilt. There is also a piece of my mother's wedding dress embroidered on the quilt. Look closely at the dollar bill. I wonder how I managed to keep that intact.

This is one of the more recent quilts she made for my niece when she graduated high school.

So it is in honor of my grandmother that I open my Etsy shop. I wish she had a computer so I could show her the impact of those summer vacations I spent with her at the farm.

Stop by for a visit!

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sheepish one said...

good luck with your etsy shop. your shop and your post, of course, are wonderful tributes to your grandmother.

sue said...

Oh what a wonderful story about your grandmother. I do hope you go well with your shop too. The quilts are beautiful and must have taken a very long time to complete too.