Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Just keep knitting

I have two completed projects to share. (Did I mention earlier that I am a sloooow knitter?) Well, actually I have more to post but they still need finishing touches.

I picked up this book Knitting for Peace and found a hat to knit a teacher-friend of mine who recently had a brain tumor removed and will be undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. I hope it serves her well. The stitches are intertwined with many prayers for her.

I aslo wanted to share this project...Meet Mrs. S. We (my daughter and I) have not officially named her yet so Mrs. S will have to do for now. If she behaves she might be a little Christmas gift for my daughter's teacher. Sometimes I think she is making faces at me. Every now and then when I get a glance of her sometimes she looks mischievous. (The pattern is this)

Did I also happen to mention that neither of these projects were on my list? Just keep knitting...just keep knitting. (Love that Dori)

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