Friday, July 25, 2008

Win some....Loosen some

I will be loosening this one. Not a winner. Loved the sample in the store, even tried it on but just don't love this one on me. It's cute on her but not so much on me. So there it sat on my closet shelf for the entire winter season. Unworn. Sad. Lonely. Did you hear that noise in the background (ribbit, ribbit) I will be frogging this to make a cabled scarf instead, I think. It's too expensive to just sit on a shelf. Love the yarn: Chunky Misti Alpaca. It's so soft and squishy. Maybe I'll have to buzz over to Ravelry to see what else I might be able to make with this yarn.
I've noticed a theme in bloggyland lately. So many projects and ideas but so little time. I, too, have a list of things to knit, crochet, sew, paint, craft etc. but not enough time to begin or finish. High on my priority list right now is making a reversible purse I saw in the last issue of Sew Simple magazine. Hopefully I find it simple to make. My sewing skills are a bit rusty. I've borrowed a sewing machine from a friend and it's time to make use of it. Here's the scrumptious fabric I'll be using:

I want to bathe in it it's so divine. In fact her whole line is yummy. LOVE pinks and oranges right now. And it has a cute name ;) ha As I said earlier, the pattern is in the magazine and they give you a pattern but say to enlarge it by 400%. So I just measure all sides of the pattern and multiply each by 4 right? to give me the actual dimensions???? TIA

Then there's more sewing to come...have you seen Heather Bailey's new store and more specifically her patterns? Even though I'm way in debt I had to have this and this.
Ok, the last thing I'll mention about projects is that I want to make a recycled sweater blanket. I've been pretty lucky to find lots of woolly goodness at thrift stores and garage sales but I've come across a few cashmere sweaters and so now I'm on the lookout for more. I want a big throw for cuddling so I need a few more. It's going to be so snugly.

Lastly, we returned Monday evening from a mini trip to Duluth. We brought the kids to see an airshow featuring the Blue Angels. But I think the highlight of the trip for them was swimming in the pool at the hotel, and the big inflatable airplane they climbed and slid down (which lasted all of 15 seconds). It's the little things, I guess.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Meet a little pumpkin

My nephew turns one today. Happy Birthday!! His celebration was last weekend so I whipped up an Itty Bitty hat for him that he can wear this fall. Love the look of this hat. This is the second one I've made, the first was for my son and he loves it so much he has even been known to wear it in the summer. Silly boy.

Yarn used: Berroco Comfort
Needle: Size 7
Size made: 6-12 month

Monday, July 07, 2008

Warm and fuzzies

Hip, hip, crochet!

I took a beginner class from my LYS and we created a basic scarf learning the single, double and triple crochet stitch. I had almost a whole skein leftover after the basic scarf was made so I added the scalloped edge by double crocheting 5x's into the same stitch (not sure what that's called) on both sides. I've really enjoyed learning this craft and have been seeing things that include both knit and crochet. But the real reason I wanted to learn how to crochet is to make flowers and embellish stuff. This book looks fun.

Warm and fuzzy scarf: Rowan Big Wool in Smooch (2 skeins)

Size P hook

Here's another warm and fuzzy. Muffin and my mom. You know how they say people choose pets that resemble themselves...Even though this is Muffin's Grandma don't they kind of look alike? Even the glasses!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

What's cookin?

A knitted FO ready to serve up something good to eat. This is the oven mitt by Noni Designs. This will be a great gift giving item. I made the medium size and though you can't tell by the picture it really fits a child's hand. But then I did forget about it when it was in the washer doing its felting magic, oops. I will try again but instead I'll create the large size and see what I get.

Speaking of something good to eat here is a very refreshing, cold treat to have on a hot summer day. I made this the other day using the fresh picked strawberries I had leftover from making jam. The recipe is from a friends' family cookbook. (Hi Laura :)

7Up Strawberry Frozen Fruitcups

6 oz. can orange juice concentrate
6 oz. can lemonade concentrate
3 bananas, diced
2 C strawberries, sliced
1 C sugar
13 1/2 oz. can crushed pineapple, undrained
16 oz. 7Up

Combine and pour into fruit cups or small paper cups. Freeze.