Monday, July 07, 2008

Warm and fuzzies

Hip, hip, crochet!

I took a beginner class from my LYS and we created a basic scarf learning the single, double and triple crochet stitch. I had almost a whole skein leftover after the basic scarf was made so I added the scalloped edge by double crocheting 5x's into the same stitch (not sure what that's called) on both sides. I've really enjoyed learning this craft and have been seeing things that include both knit and crochet. But the real reason I wanted to learn how to crochet is to make flowers and embellish stuff. This book looks fun.

Warm and fuzzy scarf: Rowan Big Wool in Smooch (2 skeins)

Size P hook

Here's another warm and fuzzy. Muffin and my mom. You know how they say people choose pets that resemble themselves...Even though this is Muffin's Grandma don't they kind of look alike? Even the glasses!


sheepish one said...

honestly, your photography in this post is so well done!
i love the scalloped edge on the scarf, and yes, muffin and grandma's glasses are perfectly suited to one another.

sue said...

The scarf looks beautiful. I am definately going to learn to crochet this year, the patterns are improving all the time. Love the doggy too, so cute.

Susan said...

Yay, crochet. Beautifully done.

Your mom is adorable:)

Knitterella said...

Your scarf looks great! Makes me want to get out my hook :)

Your mom is so cute! OMG, the doggie does have glasses on ;)

Heather Melzer said...

That scarf is beautiful - you're so good, Annie!