Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Woolly Cardinal & some cheap thrills

I really thought that my knitting production would increase over the summer while I was off from school but that doesn't seem to be the case here. I've made a list and have well over 15+ projects that I've either started or have purchased to begin and that doesn't even include my notebook that's filled with ideas in which I want to create. I think I have discovered my passion. Wish it was financially sustainable but unfortunately it drains my pocketbook instead :) I'm thinking about an Etsy shop in the near future. If not knitted items I can at least sell my surplus of vintage buttons and wool sweaters. It's been fun thrifting for these items but how much is too much?? Anyone looking for some felted/unfelted wool?

Even though back to school for me isn't until the end of August I volunteered to be part of a grant-funded training class of digital video production. It will take me away from my summer break and kids for seven days but the dangled carrot is perhaps a new sewing machine or a camera upgrade as the result of my attendance. Yahoo!!

up one Woolly Bird. I added an applique to his side and tried the blanket stitch. It would have been much easier to do if I hadn't already stuffed and sewn him shut. (Note to self for next one)

CHEAP THRILLS.... (even for adults) I was blog reading and you know how it goes, you click on one link which leads you to another and another and another (lost in blogosphere) but this was meant to be...somehow I found myself here and ten minutes later we were at Home Depot buying supplies for the marshmallow shooters and having a blast (sorry, no pun intended) It was less than $5 for everything.

I think we have a budding engineer. She worked on redesigning her shooter for over an hour and came up with all sorts of prototypes.

To work the shooter: simply drop in a mini marshmallow and blow real hard. When I tried they actually flew about 20 feet!

Go have some cheap fun!

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Knitterella said...

Your wooly bird is so cute! Love it and yes, you should totally start an Etsy shop. I'd visit your shop for sure!

Ah, a marshmallow shooter. I bet your kids are having so much fun with them!