Saturday, April 05, 2008

More Booties, Pacifer and a Coffee Cozie

I've created another set only this time in pink, my favorite color! for a sweet baby due in July.

Yarn used: Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino
Needle: Size 3
Pacifer from Itty Bitty Nursery, Susan B Anderson

Last Tuesday was a very good coworker/friend of mine's birthday. She's a very happy girl when she's holding a hot cup of java especially from Caribou so I knitted her a coffee cozie and picked up her favorite light roast before school. If I hadn't procrastinated on this gift I would have embellished it a little but of course I was knitting it the night before I gave it to her. I was hoping she would wear something that coordinated with green but I guessed wrong because she showed up in pink. She has a "thing" about matching her writing utensil to her outfit each day, oh and her glasses too so I'll be making some more cozies to make sure we have the color spectrum covered for her wardrobe.

Pattern: here
Yarn: Cascade 220

If any of you like knitting toys you might want to take a peek at this magazine.

I broke down and bought it (at a Barnes & Noble) because I really want to make this Gnome. Susan made one and isn't it cute? A much needed addition for our partial Swedish family.
I know, tis not the season but I just recently learned of Alan Dart and I'm blown away by his designs. I also want to make his Saint Lucia tree topper. Speaking of knitting toys and Susan, have you heard that her next book will contain toys? I cannot wait........well, I guess I'm going to have to. I'm really getting into this crafty knit stuff. LOVE it. I'll get to the socks at some point but they kind of scare me and yes, sweaters do to. All in good time.



Denise said...

I have both those patterns, the mary jane booties and the gnome (have that from a Simply Knitting magazine) but the only two people I know that are pregnant right now are having boys, so the booties are on hold, and the gnome.... I'll probably try nearer Christmas.
I love your booties and binky holder - very sweet.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am the special recipient of the coffee cozie. I am special in multiple ways, the first being called co-worker/friend by Annie!!
And the 2nd being that I am probably the only person who goes into Caribou and after ordering my "light" roast says "hold the cardboard sleeve...I have my own" as I slip on the adorable knitted cozie! Multiple Colors to match my outfits you say...that would make me even more special!
Annie's Friend

chaos and love said...

Love your Mary Janes. I believe I have the same pattern. I think that the cashmerino makes them looks fantastic. I might have to go get some of my own! THanks for sharing!