Monday, February 04, 2008

A Whole lotta nothin...

Not a whole lot going on the needles lately. I've needed to play catch up with the checkbook so I have stayed out of my LYS. Trying to use the stash. I have been visiting the library often though. I've requested many knitting books and am really enjoying this one. I have never cabled yet but just the other day I decided to dive right in with the Fringed Skirt. Wish me luck. Lots of cables. I'm not very good at substituting yarn when it comes to patterns and the yarn Melissa calls for in this particular pattern is discontinued....ha! but not on ebay. Yipee. Got a good deal too:) It should be here within 5 days. Just hope I like the color.

I did manage to finish this drop stitch scarf. I used Dune by Trendsetter Yarns. Now just trying to figure out how to wear it and what to wear it with. Do you knit with an outfit in mind or do you go buy an outfit to coordinate with what you knit?

I have other legitimate excuses for not knitting lately. I've been busy planning my daughter's eighth birthday party:

spending more time digi scrapping, playing why's (that's his word for airplanes) with my son. By the way, I'm contemplating using this blog to share my scrapbook layouts since that is another hobby that consumes many of my precious after-kids-are-in-bed time.

February is a crazy busy month for me: {Heart} day, birthday, "I Love to Read" month at school, conferences, mini-vacation, Wednesday church, etc. I like it when March arrives.


Susan said...

Those are the cutest kids ever! I love that book, cables untangles, it is a great one. Great scarf, too. Hope you are well.

Cynthia said...

Hi, absolutely LOVE, love the scarf and the colors...I am not a blue person per say, but am loving it more as I get older. hmmm wonder what that means? And don't be afraid of cables. I am self taught and I did them, and wow they were actually easy, there are so many tutorials online, I bet there is one for that too..good luck...Cynthia

Denise said...

I hardly ever knit for myself these days (must change that soon!) so I don't have to think about outfits. I have to say though, the scarf looks great with the denim jacket.
I'm working on cables right now from the Debbie Bliss Cotton Knits for all Seasons book, they are pretty easy once you give them a go. And I bet Youtube has some videos that might help too!

Heather Melzer said...

Such a cute invite, Annie! I love your celebrity morph, too - trying one of my own now :)