Thursday, February 21, 2008

He Strikes Again!

You would have thought this mommy would have learned her lesson. Markers in reach of an unsupervised budding artist is just not such a good idea. Here are the latest victims which all were defaced within 15 minutes:
The Piano

Train table (maybe he was adding some waves)

He's gotta thing for windowsCash register (also note the cheerios shoved in the credit card thingy)

At least it was his cooktop, not mine

Even poor Mickey got a makeover

(**Sigh** Again!)
At least the weapon was a washable Crayola marker and a purple dry erase marker which made it a little less dramatic for me.

On a happy note my yarn arrived!

I love, love, love this yarn. It is so soft and that makes me sooo happy. I was a little nervous about ordering something online that I have never touched. I do NOT like itchy, scratchy apparel. [Right Trace? ;-)] I want to kiss whoever invented the tagless shirts. So anyways I eagerly began the Fringed Skirt from Cables Untangled and if you had read my previous post you will also know that I have not attempted cables. After 7 rows (I don't even want to know how many hours), approximately 1,095 stitches I stopped. It just didn't look like the picture and I couldn't figure out what was going on. What I love about knitting is that if I get stuck on something I just put it down and come back to it after some time has passed and ta-da suddenly it comes to me. I did that with this skirt and realized I was reading the pattern wrong! Who invented this way of reading cable patterns? From right to left and then left to right with a repeat in between but don't include the first and last stitch?! I can't even chew gum while doing this pattern. So I frogged it and I've started over. But I will win. You may not see pictures until next year.

*Make it a great day!


Denise said...

Oooh goodness, kids and markers, not a good combination. I always kept mine high out of little hands reach! The skirt sounds lovely, I hope it's not a year before we see some of it :-)
Have a great day yourself.

Cynthia said...

Hi, Lesli, Hows it going now with the knitting, cables are a thing that once you get into it, you just love it and you won't forget it. I am always amazed at I watch them materialize! ha ha...You will get it and I bet the skirt will be fab! Don't you love those new washable markers...I think a Mom invented them...Have a blessed weekend. and keep knitting...keep la la./...Cynthia

Heather Melzer said...

It's good to know my kids aren't the only ones writing on everything - although mine usually find the one permanent marker in the house - grr.

I, too, would like to kiss the tagless shirt creator. Genius.