Friday, July 31, 2015

For Keeps Pledge

Do you have too many hobbies? I do but I don't mind. It keeps me from getting bored with one medium. Well, maybe bored isn't the correct word here. I'm into sewing lately. Making tee-skirts, reviving the quilting mojo big time, and finding patterns that I will eventually sew into something fabulous. Let's start here - I came across this book (on some online rabbit trail) which I purchased

which led me to this (magnificent store!)
where I purchased this

then remembered my Craftsy Block of the Month I began back in 2012 (Amy Gibson is teaching it) and thought I better finish this first before I begin the Farm Girl Sampler

but I can't stop drooling over this quilt

so I went back to Millie P's and picked up some fat quarters.

I guess if I can have loads of UFO's in knitting projects it only makes it fair that quilting is the same way. At least Amanda can help me with my organization!

Let's go back to that thought about finishing my Block of the Month with Amy Gibson. I'm going to buy her new book today.

It looks fabulous. I took the pledge too. Check it out.
For Keeps Pledge

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