Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cross My Heart and Stitches

I'm in love.
With a new hobby.
Like I needed another!
My absence is due to WAY TOO MANY passions.
But I can't let go of any so I carry on.
I discovered Wee Wonderful's cross stitch patterns.
Simple and sweet and love that they are stitched on linen.

Hillary Langs design WOOL

I'm giving the apples to someone special for her birthday. It's still a secret, I hope.
And then I'll make myself another one because all four framed will make my heart happy when I see them hanging on my wall.

Hillary Langs cross stich APPLES

I gratefully inherited my grandmother's supplies after she passed away. An organized woman she was. I should really see what few colors she didn't have in the three 3-ring binders I now possess.

DMC floss

Grandma's floss organizer

She used to cross stitch and has made me a few samplers. This one has the Lords Prayer on it. As you can see from the photo, I really need to get this framed. I have had this for ten years, unframed. Not feeling so good about this. Maybe I appreciate it so much more now.

Grandmas gift, The Lord's Prayer

I was pleased to see that Grandma added her initials and dated it. This is the only way I knew that it was ten years old.

ACD '00

I went digging this afternoon looking for a cross stitch project I had worked on when I was young. I must have thrown it out. Darn. I kept it for so long. Do you ever ask yourself "what was I thinking?" When I began cross stitching in my teens, I was in my phase of "I love anything with ballet shoes on it" No I didn't ever dance but would have loved to but no ballet body to be had here and then. The cross stitch project I was working on had little ballet bears in pink tutus. I wasn't too far from being finished but it ended up as many of my projects do...UFO's.

I do have a few projects on the knitting needles but for now I have put them down and will be crossing my heart, I mean stitches.

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Bonnie said...

How wonderful to have your grandmother's sampler. I love those little cross stitch pictures. They are sort of upscale and current. So Cute!