Tuesday, March 02, 2010

dough to bread to table to tummy

Last week I attended a class at an awesome cooking store in St. Paul, Cooks of Crocus Hill. If you've never been and are local you must. You really CAN enjoy your time in the kitchen. {smile}

The class was with Zoe Francois, author of Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day and Artisan Bread in Five Minutes. My sister gave me the Healthy Bread book for Christmas so when I learned Zoe was offering a class there was no hesitation in signing up. She was so sweet and really funny! The bread she made was scrumptious. Of course they send around samples and a couple of times I caught myself thinking "would anyone notice if I take more than one piece" I was compliant and passed the platter to my right. The next day I was mixing up a batch of the master recipe. I can't wait to try out more recipes. What I love about these books is that you really can't screw it up. If I can make bread so can you.

These pics below were from my phone. I forgot to bring my camera. I was noticing during the class one of the participants kept taking lots of pictures. I thought to myself she either is a scrapper or a blogger. The latter was true. Her site is CityFarmGirl. Ambitious gal!

Check out their website Artisan Bread in Five


Nicole said...

OMG! Susan and Zoe, back to back, you are one awesome lucky women!!!

Kate (KnitsInClass) said...

I also love Cooks of Crocus Hill - and I don't even really like to cook :)

Jenn said...

Hi there! Thanks for the link. Your post is fun. The pictures turned out pretty well for a phone! Have you been baking much? I put dried cherries and pecans into the WW boule. Yum!

Peggy said...

I have heard so much about this book. I definitely need to check it out! And what fun to take a cooking class. I'd really like to do that someday.

Bonnie said...

Great Blog! I linked to your Blog through Susan B. Anderso's. You should come on over and join us in the HBinFive bread braid. Check out this braid at Michelle's blog bigblackdogs.net. We're baking our way through HBinFive. It's a lot of fun.