Monday, May 11, 2009

Dirt Therapy

I love days like today. The smell of dirt was calling my name. That sounds weird. But it's a fact.

I had a wonderful Mother's day. My mom, sister, niece and I saw Legally Blonde. (Thanks again Mom!!) We left singing the catchy show tunes. Elle is all about retail therapy and looking fabulous. Personally, I loathe shopping for clothes and I make up my face with a mere four products but I still loved this movie and the musical is so fun. "Whoever said orange is the new pink was seriously disturbed." Absolutely! "Bend and snap." UPS man was hysterical. Rent the movie if you haven't already or go see the musical!

So today was my day for some dirt therapy. Perfect blue sky.

Gardening shoes pulled off the potting shelf and dusted off.

A few simple tools for the cleanup job ahead.

Weeds to pull. Plans of seedling choices to be made. Last year's garden attempt was not what I had expected. Even the neighbors guinea pig wouldn't eat the carrots we grew !!!!

So this year it will be mostly flowers. Cut flowers so that I can enjoy them inside and out. Zinnias, Cosmos, Shasta Daisy, Coneflower, and I'm not sure what else. I hope it's not to late to grow from seed. I took a trip to a couple greenhouses and I didn't see what I wanted in a starter plant. I did pick up a couple of tomato plants. That was the one fruit of our labor that flourished.

This is our "Nala" bloom. I am not certain of the name but I believe it is a lily and it has an golden orange flower just like Nala's coloring. We planted this above Nalee's grave which is right next to our garden and swing set.

And I must include a Lucy update:

She is finding great satisfaction in running into the playroom or kids' rooms (where she knows she isn't supposed to be) and stealing a stuffed toy. Then she hightails it into the kitchen to her bed and begins the demolition process. I snapped this picture when she had about four or five illegal objects on her bed.

She's quite the girl. Puppy kindergarten begins tomorrow. Hope she passes.



Kate said...

I had some dirt therapy over the weekend (when I wasn't indulging in fiber therapy). I love spending time with my little boys in the garden - they love to help dig and were thrilled with all the worms.

Lucy is too cute for words -

Peggy said...

I think I'll be spending some time out in the garden today too.

Good luck to Lucy!

PlumStitches said...

how sweet is that little Lucy? i can almost smell that puppy breath! good luck growing the flowers - it sounds like a fantastic assortment.