Friday, April 10, 2009

Puppy and Patterns or Patterns and Puppy

I'm not sure what has been taking up more of my time...the puppy or the pattern I just finished writing and publishing. I'll start with the puppy. Really, this is just a photo post.

This is just one of the signs that greeted us as we pulled up into the place where Lucy lived her first 8 weeks of life. The sign says "SLOW Golden Retrievers at play". Lucy comes from a great family.

A sweet little kiss for daddy.

Lucy helping herself with the leash.

Frog legs

A good game of tug

All tuckered out

Here's the other busy P...I've designed May Day baskets! Or baskets for whatever you find useful. I wish this holiday would have more of a presence in our world. It's kind of like a random act of kindness except the receiver isn't supposed to know who it's from. One would hope that it puts a smile on their face and a bounce in their step. There are four different sizes and styles and I had so much fun taking pictures of these. I love fresh flowers and I really should have some around the house because they make me happy when I see them. As some would put it "Food for the soul" Yep! And the candy was delish too. Anyways, I decided to put this pattern in the Etsy shop since I labored this project. But I learned a lot through the whole process. I think the hardest part will be giving these baskets away. I love them way too much.

Have a Happy Easter!


Angela said...

What a precious pup! Don't tell anyone, but my 22 year is graduating college next month, and since he's been asking for a golden retriever since he was 10, we're gonna get him one for graduation. Trying to keep it a surprise. I think I'm more excited than anyone. Now I just have to get away from the puppy farm with only one pup (and not 2 - one for me. ha

Kate said...

Lucy is the cutest puppy! Your kids must be in heaven. I hope she's adjusting well to life at your house.

I love your new pattern -

PlumStitches said...

the pattern looks great! and I love everything about that puppy - her name and that cute little nose. the last picture of her is adorable.

Susan said...

Your puppy is soooo cute.

Those baskets are completely awesome. Way to go on making a knitted item I've never seen before! That's hard to do. They are really fun.

take care in Anoka.
susan b anderson

Katlyn said...