Saturday, November 15, 2008

I've been diagnosed with M.P.S.

Multiple Project Syndrome

Do any of you suffer from this? I self diagnosed myself after making a list of what I need to complete and when I had to turn the page to continue writing I finally concluded that I suffer from this disease. Ok, maybe this isn't a disease but rather an overzealous desire to CREATE. Thankfully for this blog I can openly share my list and maybe that will hold me accountable for crossing things off of it. So here it goes (and guess what? this is just a partial list):

1. Find a button and sew onto neck warmer

2. Felt this red cardinal and embellish

3. Weave in ends and block capelet
4. Figure out what's what with this mess (it's going to be a floppy dog)

5. Finish this crochet bead necklace

No photo list:
Finish two hats for friend
Knit a Buddy Bag
Sew these cool headbands for daughter
Sew this cool toy for son
Creating stuff for a soon to open Etsy store

Plus my blog is overdue for a makeover
and many more things that I won't bore you with.

PS. Thank you for all of the kind comments on the Halloween costumes. They are pretty cute kids but I'm a little biased!


Beth said...

I have that, too! You know how I finally finished that doll? Well, now I'm obsessed with new projects, which will probably languish for 2 years! :-)) I swatched for a new sweater for me (first project ever for me!), cast-on a pair of adult socks, tried a few swatches for a sweater, and am thinking about another flower paci clip for my cousin! WHEW!!

Denise said...

I've got a lot on the needles too (not gifts) and hoping I will be inspired to finish them off as a new year resolution?

PlumStitches said...

oh yes! i definitely suffer from MPS. i really should probably make a resolution to pull them all out and finish them before starting another project. but, i doubt that will happen ;-)

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Oh the dreaded mps :). I too have multiple projects in various states of "almost done". Why is that I wonder? My queue on Ravelry is getting too long for me to ever catch up and yet I'm still buying knitting magazines and perusing the internet for patterns :).

sue said...

I think we are all guilty of that, well at least most of us are.