Monday, May 12, 2008

My favorite M-Day card

I've received homemade cards from my daughter in the past but this is, by far, my favorite. I love her drawing of the needles (and spelling) and yarn and she told me that in the upper right corner is a picture of my arms with the yarn and needles knitting. But I treasure the inside even more; it wasn't a "copy this from the board, children" it was from her own blessed head:

It reads:

My Mom

My mom is very kind. (I appreciate that)
My mom likes to knit. (Yes, this is true)
My mom knows how to take care of sweet kids. (Sweet yes, but sometimes sour)
My mom can do lots of things. (Things can include knitting, baking, gardening, etc. but apparently not cleaning. see below :)
My mom says "I Love You" (Because I do)
My mom hopes to keep the house clean (hopes! bwaahaahaa This is so true - hopes! maybe it's because I'd rather knit)
My mom loves me. (Unconditionally)
My mom is very kind.
(Thank you, Ella)


Beth said...

Aren't kids sweet? You can see what my six-year-old made me on my personal blog, He said, " Daer Mom, (yes, misspelled)

You are special because you play with me.

Your kid, Aaron

(as if I forgot!)

sue said...

Oh isnt it beautiful when they do that. I noticed that my daughter loves to write me little notes and give me little pressies too. My son used to buy little gifts at school, but was never really excited by it like my daughter is.