Friday, April 02, 2010

Let Us Sew


A few years ago I taught my daughter to knit. She picked up needles every now and then but the hobby never really took off for her. About a month ago I learned about a new sewing studio and discovered they offered classes for kids. I enrolled Ella in a four week introductory class and she has loved every minute of it. The name of the studio is Sewtropolis and is located quite a ways from our home but it was worth the drive. It also gave me some time to sit and knit while Ella was in class. A little "me" time was appreciated.


After she finished her first project, a drawstring sewing bag (which I will have pictures to share later) she has sewn a nightshirt and now is working on some pj pants.

Learning to sew

I was not surprised when I asked what her favorite part of the class was and she responded with "the dog". Skilow (sp?) was a super friendly Golden Retriever who hung out in the store. Once you began petting her she was your forever friend for the hour.


I'm looking forward to sharing this hobby with her. I love sewing too. We also just discovered a new quilt shop that opened up within a few miles of us. Millie P's has gorgeous fabrics and classes for kids too. It's going to be a fun adventure with her.